Friday, 14 October 2011

Mummy Can I have a pony?

For some reason I didnt think Lexi would ask that question for a good few years yet, but after going to see her great grandma a couple of weeks ago Lexi must have asked me for a pony about a million times! My grandma lives pretty much at the bottom of my aunties garden in a lovely little home and my cousins have recently got a pony so lexi got to meet it and has become slightly obsessed in wanting to visit and have her own!

This leads me to think about my dream home where we could even have a pony...

I would love to have a home in the middle of no where that we could have all sorts of wildlife. Id love chickens, and a very large vegetable patch/ green house, with a big grassy open area with lots of room for out door play things for the kids, instead im stuck with a pokey rented 2 bed terraced house with a tiny yard that isn't worth the rental amount we pay! I can dream though..... maybe my lucky numbers will come up on the lotto tomorrow :)