Thursday, 20 October 2011

What a Yummy review

We have a lovely package in the post this morning and I couldnt wait to try it out (but of course had to wait for lexi to finish school)
We recieved an orange cupcake kit from The Real Cupcake Company.
I popped it in the fridge as soon as Id had a little nosey in side the box!
Inside was the cupcake mix, some ready made icing in a piping bag, 2 piping nozzles, 2 extra piping bags, some orange cupcake cases, sprinkes and the instructions.
Every thing was very securly packagedand arrived with no problems!
The instructions are very simple and easy to follow.
The only extra items you need are 2 medium/ large eggs to mix into the cupcake mix.
When we started I turned the oven on so it would be nice and hot when they went in.
We mixed the 2 eggs in and then put the mix into the 12 cases.
When the mix went in I was thinking to myself that they would be really small when they came out as there didnt seem to be much mixture in each case.
One thing that did raise a smile was the instructions saying that however tempted you may be do not open the oven door until at least 10 mins cooking time has passed! I always have a good peek at our cakes and always get told not to, but i resisted temptation this time.

We left the cupcakes in the oven for 15 mins, and to my suprise they had risen a lot more than I had expected and were already smelling delicious!

We then left them to cool down for a while before we got to the fun part of the icing :)

Lexi loved squeezing the icing out of the piping bag on to the cakes and tried making the ones she did look like an ice cream. She then added the sprinkles (covering the kitchen in the process) and they were all ready to eat :)

Both me and Lexi agreed that they would make the perfect halloween cupcake :)

The taste test of course is the best part, Lexi's comments on this was actually just 1 word - delicious! The sponge is perfect! I have never had a home cooked sponge be just the right texture like these are. The topping is quite tangy, I was actually suprised how tangy it was, but completely as Lexi said delicious!!
The Real cupcake company cupcake kits are available to purchase from their website and are priced from £9.99 (strawberry, lemon and orange) to £11.99 (strawberry & champagne and blueberry & bourbon)

The prices may seem a little steep for a cupcake kit but after trying them out I am convinced they are worth every penny as they taste just like the cupcakes you can buy in fancy shops (even nicer in my opinion)
There is currently free postage through out October!

Oh just one more photo then! Here is Lexi with a face full of cupcake :D