Saturday, 8 October 2011

Soda Stream Review

I was very kindly donated a sodastream to review a couple of months ago just before my blogging break. The model I was sent was the sodastream pure which retails at £79.99.
I have never owned a sodastream before but it is one of those things that I always wanted when i was younger.
The sodastream is very easy to assemble and even my husband managed to set it up (with out the use of instructions i will add tut tut)
Now our 1st attempt to fizz up a drink was of course a disaster (remember here instructions still not read at this point) We put the syrup into the water before it was fizzed up and of course when we took it off the drink went every where and we needed to mop the kitchen up hehe.
When i read the instructions and discovered why half of our drink was on the floor it became much simpler!
We filled the bottle up with plain water to the line on the bottle, screwed in the bottle and pulled the trigger forward until it buzzed! You can make your drink as fizzy as you desire by simply pulling the trigger again.
When finished mizzing we carefully unscrewed the bottle and filled the lid of the syrup up to the line marked and slowly poured it into the bottle of fizzy water.

I was and have been ever since impressed with the flavouring, they are very yummy and taste like they have come from the shop ready made not from my kitchen sink!

I have experimented with the flavouring and used the likes of robinsons juice in them but I do think that to get the best taste it is worth buying the syrup!

Soda stream is environmentally friendly saving on the waste of plastic bottles and saves space as you wont have the extra bottles filling up your recycling bin.

I love my soda stream and they come highly recommended from me.

Now if you love the sodastream yet cant quite stretch to the price of the pure there is a lot of other options on the market such as the Jet drinks maker which is £45.95 at argos of the genesis which is £44.40 at amazon (and in a pretty red colour)

There is a new sodastream out now which is in my opinion the ultimate girls kitchen gadget a pretty pink shade and it tells you how fizzy your drink is and how much co2 you have left in your cylinder - 5% of the purchase price of each one is being donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity as well - so if you feel like splashing the cash on a girly gadget and donating to a charity at the same time then this is the item for you :D