Saturday, 4 June 2011

3 weeks of weigh ins

Ooh I am naughty I have been so busy this last couple weeks that i havent had chance to update with my weight loss progress
Any way today I have had my 3rd weigh in
Week 1 - lost 4lbs
Week 2 - lost 2lbs
Week 3 - stayed the same

I am very happy to have stayed the same this week as it is that time of the month when i tend to put on a couple of pounds if you know what I mean ;)

I do feel like I am still not 100% motivated and do honestly feel like I could just go and dive into a box of jam donuts I just hope the need for sugary rubbish fades soon!

I have been drinking biosynergy skinny water and using bach emotional eating kit I do feel like I am starting to feel the benifits - I do tend to find water hard to drink in the quantities dieters really should do as its so plain but the flavour of the skinny water is lovely which makes it easier to drink for me. I feel a lot less bloated than I have been in the past but I have to admit I have still been drinking a sneaky pepsi every now and again. The bach emotional eating kit I am starting to wonder if it is due to this that im not snacking as much on a night. My worst habbit is eating when I am bored particulary on a night and I have noticed I just dont really want to eat on a night because I know I am not hungry.

I will do a full review on both products in the coming weeks :-)
I feel like I need to find a diet plan that is right for me, I am struggling with out a set diet and just cutting down - I still dont really know If im eating the right things and if it is too much/ not enough. So I do feel like I need to think about what diet plan may work for me and my hectic family life style.
Fingers crossed the next weigh in results in a lovely loss