Monday, 6 June 2011

Pourty Potty Review

Potty training is one thing that we have really struggled with for my little girl, she is scared of the toilet and we have tried a lot of pottys with out finding one she would go on even from a rather every where on the scale from an expensive singing toilet looking potty down to a poundland potty, the same problem with each one - she just did not like them!
When I received a pourty potty back in January this year my 1st thought (I will be honest) was another potty to get rid of that she wont use! However I was mistaken, she took it out of the box her self and instantly took a shine to it - its a very sturdy thick plastic and the colour is vibrant. Its not a small potty so it looks comfortable for her to sit on and its not too large so it isn't intimidating for her either.
The main concept of the pourty potty is the gap/channel at the back to use to pour the contents into the toilet with out splash back, and it works and is a lot easier to clean than any other potty we have tried.
The pourty potty has brought us one step closer to finally getting our almost 4 year old little girl out of nappies which is incredible for us for the amount of things we have tried. Now all we need to do is tackle getting her to use the toilet and going outside of our home such as nursery!

Review summary
Positives: Very well made, easy to clean/ hygenic/ lovely colours, comfortable sitting position
Negatives: I cant really think of any negatives - maybe at the £10 it sells for that it isn't the cheapest potty around - however I do feel that it represents very good value for the money so not that much of a negative!

The pourty potty is available from boots , amazon and many other good retailers

Pourty potty are on facebook and also have a webpage where you can read more about the potty and see a larger selection of retailers