Wednesday, 18 May 2011

BuggyTug - Essential safety item for parents with young children

Buggytug review

I was lucky enough to recieve a buggy tug wrist strap a couple of months ago. While it isnt much to look at it has turned in to a must have product for me and I never leave the house with out it. Here is why :-)

The BuggyTug is a safety wrist strap that attatches on to your buggy by simply looping it through itself. The idea is that while you are out and about you put your hand through the wrist strap just like you would a bracelet and if for any reason the buggy starts to roll away from you then you have the added security. Im sure most of us have seen disaster news before such as last year where a pram rolled away from a guardian at the train station and went onto the tracks just as a train aproached (miraculasly and thankfully the baby survived). It is these sort of incidents while very rare that are every parents worst nightmare, but with the BuggyTug the worry of this happening is truely a thing of the past!
The BuggyTug is made from a soft, thick and flexable neoprene material which is even comfortable on chubby wrists. It is very strong, I have tested letting go of the buggy on my street (which is like a small hill) with it on with my very chunky almost 2 year old in and it has easy with held that weight and not caused any discomfort on the wrist.
It is quite easy to forget you have it on and I have been asked on a couple of occasions what it is by confused looking parents.
While it is something we all hope we never actually need for the bargain cost of £3.99+p&p it is a fantastic safety essential that may well save the life of baby.

For more information on buggytug check out their facebook page
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