Saturday, 23 January 2016

ActiDerm 7 Day shred Review

I recently discovered ActiDerm through a friend and after seeing a few good results on her facebook profile I decided to give it a try.

I ordered through her weblink and it cost £25 plus £4.50 postage. I ordered late on Tuesday evening and it arrived by courier on Thursday morning :)

1st impressions - The packaging looks pretty (yes a bit sad to take note of this but it was is scratty packaging and didn't look pretty I would have mentioned that haha)

What was in the box?

7 Sachets of the shake - I chose banana. A bottle of hydra slim and a leaflet which explains how to follow the plan.

How do you do it?

Right its pretty simple - you start the day off with a 100 cal breakfast (I tended to have a couple toffee weightwatcher yoghurts at 55 cals each) you have a shake for lunch and a 500 cal dinner. You cant have fizzy drinks or alcohol and you need to drink as much water as you can manage (I had around 2 litres daily) Also you put 20mls of the hydraslim into 500mls of water at the start of the day and sip it through the day until you have finished it.

The shakes I had were really nice and I enjoyed the taste. They are mixed with water and you can make it thicker or thinner to your liking my adding more or less water. I found that 250mls was perfect for me. The hydraslim was ok too, it didn't taste bad to me but obviously different people have different tastes :) - on the subject of hydraslim it would probably be useful to say what it is - it helps to speed metabolism, boosts energy, supresses appetite, cleanses the body and rids of toxins, helps with water retention and gas elimination.

How did I do?

I wont lie, I found the 1st couple days really tough. I usually drink a lot of diet coke so the sudden caffeine withdrawals did give me a headache but it soon passed. I did great every day until after tea when I started really wanting to raid the fridge for any thing and every thing so after the 1st 2 days I cut my dinner down to 400 calories and saved 100 for a pack of snack a jacks later on in the night when the munchies kicked in. This worked great for me. I mainly had varying salads from chicken, to fish and prawns but I did have a stir fry one night too with lots of vege.

At the end of the week I lost a grand total of................. 11lbs!! I also went down a jean size which is fab.
I now intend to repeat every 4 weeks and stick to a 1200 cal diet in the 3 weeks in between. I have quite a lot of weight to lose - 4 babies worth actually but I'm hoping I will feel comfortable enough in my own skin by the summer to be able to wear dresses this year.

Hopefully In a couple months my before photos wont be so hideous that I will be able to update this post with some before and after photos :)

If you would like to order or see what the current shake flavours are you can do so here

January 2017 update

I thought I would add in a quick update on this post as I have noticed there seems to be quite a lot of views coming in at the moment as it is on page 2 of google search results for 7 day shred. I am now an extra 3 stone 1lb down since this post was published. I have been following the slimming world plan since april last year and have done an additional 7 day shred when my losses started to slow down in the summer. On my 2nd shred I lost 6lbs and this was after already being on a healthy eating plan for quite a long time so I was very impressed with that after already losing a significant amount of time. 

Im hoping to lose a further 2 stone this year and will be doing a post christmas finally getting back on the wagon shred in a of couple weeks time! Im hopeful to lose 7lbs if not more on it this time as I have been eating far too much rubbish recently so im hopeful that the loss will be bigger than the one i had when i was already being healthy! I am told that the shred is now £27.50 and new variations and a bigger bottle of the hydraslim are now in it. I will do an update next month with my latest results

Please note I have not been paid for the review or provided with any free products, I purchased the shred myself and have given an honest review of my own experience.