Friday, 22 January 2016

10 months later....

I have a terrible habbit with this blog. I post for a while then I dont post for a very long while..... any way 10 months since my last post and things have all changed again!!

Lexi is now 8, Logan is now 6, Dexter is 3


Meet Xander

This gorgeous little boy arrived on October 16th, 6 weeks early. I had a difficult pregnancy with him from bleeding, slow growth, tacycardia and lack of movement. He had a difficult start and was transferred away from Scarborough to York Hospital within a couple hours of his birth due to breathing difficulties. He came home on November 1st. That wasnt the end of it though the little monkey ended up spending a week in hospital with viral meningitis coming out 2 days before christmas. He is healthy now though, keeping his mummy and daddy busy and awake at all hours :) 

Im going to make more of an effort from now on to blog daily with reviews, family things and any thing else I feel like annoying the internet with :)