Thursday, 16 June 2011

Summer holidays on a budget!

The summer holidays are getting closer and I am starting to think about all the activities I hope we can do.
We never have spare money so travelling further than a short bus trip is usually out of the question but we are lucky to have some nice things a short walk away.
We have a lovely park where you can walk around for hours and feed ducks and squirrels, Lexi and Logan could go everyday and not get bored they love it. Here is a photo of Logan and Daddy at Peasholm Park
last month, only a 10 min walk from the most built up part of Scarborough.

We are also just a 10 min walk from Scarborough beach, it is lovely but gets very crowded in the summer, this photo of lexi on the beach was taken a few weeks before she became a big sister and was the last time we had a proper family day out with the 3 of us (mummy, daddy and lexi) as I spent the next few weeks in and out of hospital so it was a very special day :-)

They are the 2 main free things you can do here!

When I think of what to do this summer I just hope I can think of enough things to keep them entertained with out doing the same thing repetitively! We dont have a garden we have a very small yard which isnt the best as its on a downwards slope and I dont really feel confident letting them play on it a lot as I do feel that it is dangerous especially for Logan and there will be lots of cuts and bruises - sadly there isnt a lot that we can do about it as by the landlords standards it is perfectly ok for what it is needed for (storing wheelie bins and hanging washing hmmm) any way hopefully we will move before next summer and have a lovely garden (I said that last year hehe)

Im thinking lots of picnics, beach days and feeding ducks and maybe a little camping trip if we are brave enough :)

For the rainy days we will be doing lots of crafty activities from painting, baking, making various things out of old loo rolls and ice cream sticks. I do hope their isnt many rainy days though!

What do you like to do in the summer holidays on a budget?