Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 1

My kick up the backside of a diet has officially started today - plan - eat right, move more and find products that do what they say they do and assist with weight loss! Im going to weigh in each friday reporting my weight loss and will share the ups and downs of dieting between each weekly weigh in!

My product of the day is biosynergy skinny water - A Pomegranate flavour spring water drink with sweetener. I have kindly been given 12 bottles to trial along with a bottle of the orange flavour dilutable skinny water. My first impression is that it is a very refreshing flavour drink and a nice change to plain water which is a key ingredient to successful dieting and one thing that I have always found difficult to drink.

A low calorie drink with just 9 calories in a bottle - thats one thing that has also failed me when dieting, drinks...

I always did ok with eating but forgot about calories in drink and would drink lucozade and wonder why i wasnt loosing weight hmm that could be something to do with the 160 calories per bottle!

I will update with a full review of biosynergy skinny water next week and let you know if it really does assist with weight loss!

calorie counter: 1528