Saturday, 7 March 2015

Yankee Candle Review - Are they worth the money?

For Christmas this year I received a large yankee candle from my husband. I had never had a yankee before as I always thought that they were way over priced. I got the cinnamon stick scent and I have to say  do love cinnamon. He knows me well! Any way the 1st time I lit the candle Lexi decided "It smells of salmon and baked cheese" Trust her to think of that of all things?! I on the other hand thought the scent was fantastic, it made the house smell festive some how and more homely. On a night when going to bed I could smell it in my bedroom at the opposite end of the house and up a set of stairs, it truly did follow me around the house. 
I lit the candle every single night for 3 hours from Christmas eve until 5 nights ago when it finally. Yankee do reccomend not letting it burn for longer than 3 hours but I did on a few occasions let it go over. So it had around 200 hours burn time in total. 
When you think of the price per hour burn time with the average large jar being £20 I don't think 10p an hour is bad going at all! 
I did feel sad when the candle would no longer light and I found myself desperate to get a new one. So I have now bought a few others to try out. I got 2 medium jars pink dragon fruit and vanilla cupcake, and 1 small jar icicles. 
Now I have to say as much as I love the scent of icicles I wont be buying another small jar. I can see it is going down quickly and value for money wise I would rather put a few extra pounds towards the next size up. It is very small, I only paid £5 for it but if I paid the average retail price of £7.99 I would feel quite disappointed. I would maybe consider getting one for a gift to pad a present out if it was on offer but I wouldn't go out of my way to get another small jar.

I ordered the jars and hadn't smelt them before purchasing and when I 1st had a sniff of the vanilla cupcake I wasn't too keen and did regret buying it. I thought it was quite heavy going and smelt very sickly. However since lighting it the scent is growing on me. It isn't quite as strong when lit and smells more sweet than sickly.

Pink Dragon fruit smells delicious obviously it smells very fruity and just like cinnamon stick I can smell it every where in the home. If you are thinking of buying a yankee but cant decide which to try out 1st this is the one I would highly recommend. Its beautiful, strong but not over bearing and the colour is pretty too :) 

Icicles is another lovely scent. I got it purely because of the robin on the label and that it looked pretty. Im sure I wont be the only one that got it for these reasons. It does seem to be a wintery scent but not as festive as cinnamon stick. If I was to describe it I would say that it is slightly minty, with a touch of cinnamon and forestry. A lovely smell.

All of the yankees can be smelt all around the house, I do think cinnamon stick had the strongest effect with this. Also the candles do have a slight warming effect too :) I wont say you will save any money off the gas bill but it is nice to have a tiny bit more heat in these chilly months.
So to answer the question are yankee candles worth the money? My answer would be yes for the large and medium jars and probably not for the smaller ones. 
I am already planning my next purchase which will be black cherry although I have been dropping lots of hints for mothers day so who knows :)