Saturday, 28 February 2015

3 and a half years later....

Wow I was setting up a new family blog today and instead thought I would just continue on this one that I had already started :)

Any way.... A LOT has changed since my last post back in Oct 2011. 1st of all Lexi is now 7 and in Junior School and Logan is now 5 and has been diagnosed as autistic and is attending school full time with a 1 on 1 helper. The biggest change though is the arrival of Dexter back in July 2012. He is an adorable little charmer.

Well the reason for restarting this blog is that all 3 kids are obsessed with youtube toy review videos and Lexi asked if she could do some videos to go on youtube to show people so I thought why not I love doing reviews and it will be fun to get the kids involved again and do it on the blog too.

We will be doing our 1st review video on Monday where Dexter will be showing some of his favourite toys :)

Thanks for reading we are all looking forward to doing our 1st video :)