Monday, 11 July 2011

Another star in the night sky xxxx (sad post)

First of all I will say sorry for not being around recently, Im going to share my reasons with you now x


On June 22nd I got the most amazing news I could have wished for - a positive pregnancy test. I was soo excited I couldnt contain my excitement and told rather a few too many people about how excited i was...

I was so sure everything would be ok....

Wrong :(

On July 2nd I started bleeding, only a little and i wasnt too worried at this stage then on the monday I saw my GP and spoke to a midwife who confirmed a scan for me the following morning at 9.15am.

Later in the afternoon of the 4th is when it went bad - the bleeding got heavy very heavy I knew there was nothing i could do - so i took a bath and prayed for a miracle. A miracle I was still convinced that I would get.

The next morning at my scan I got the news I had desperately prayed not to get - my baby was still there but sadly it was inevitable that I would soon pass the baby :(

A week on every thing is still very raw for me the bleeding has now ended and tests are starting to show as negative but i feel it will be for a long time before I truly feel normal again - Im finding things difficult even something as simple as a advertisement for baby shops such as kiddicare showing up on websites sets me off at the moment.

This has not been my 1st miscarriage but I pray that it will be my last - keeping me positive at the moment are my 2 amazing children and a very supportive husband! I would be in a very very dark place right now if it wasnt for them.

I am sharing my story as I feel that miscarriage is often seen as a taboo subject that shouldnt be spoken of - I know thats how I felt with my 1st loss but now I know better - millions of women go through it and the support we can give each other and knowing your not alone can be very important during the healing process xxx